Case Study 01 - American Camp Association (ACA)

Responsive Website Relaunch

SITUATION ACA website is outdated and non-responsive losing younger audiences to competitors or left out of the camping industry. The current structure does not allow the staff to execute strategies or innovative ideas. Content is buried and the information architecture is currently confusing to staff and public.

VISION AND STRATEGY ACA’s vision for the future is to enhance the quality, value and reach of the camp experience. Specifically, to double the number of children and youth who have a quality camp experience by the year 2020. The two focus areas will be to: Rebrand the Camp Experience and redefine what Camp means and provide ACA staff a foundation to work on.

How can we do this: We must create a website that is current, engaging, topic--based content. It is recommended that ACA first work to make all of its existing content action--focused by:
1. Using direct, user friendly and succinct language
2. Incorporating visuals to help audience’s complete tasks and consume content
3. Following web writing best practices to create compelling, easy to scan text

Completed tasks included but not limited to - Audience Analysis, focus groups, surveys and in-person interviews, keywords and SEO, website actions and content review, etc.

Amongst several issues with the old site (as seen below), the old site was not ADA compliant and used scanned text and image downloads which are not industry standard and poor user experience design. Branding colors were not translated to the proper RGB or HEX values and did not provide the proper brand exposure to the viewer.Images were not curated and several team members were making changes without a communication plan or structure in place.

Upon completion of surveys, focus groups, testing, staff training a process was created for all future updates and controlling methods. The site was broken up into two facets: one for families or parents and one for the camp community. This allowed the site to be tailored to two very different audiences and their needs by separating the information served.

To live the experience please visit
Complete strategy will be provided upon request.
Team Included: Tom Schenk, Paul Bidwell, and Balance Interactive.

Case Study 02

NYIT Modular Viewbook

SITUATION Needed to create new marketing material for admissions to use to gain attention of undergraduate, domestic students.

VISION AND STRATEGY Engage rising high school seniors (who are prospective undergrad students) and prospective transfer students—giving them compelling reasons to apply to NYIT.

Target Audiences Primary: First-year (local teens/ young adults), ages 18-24 Secondary: Transfer prospects Tertiary: Parents of prospective undergraduate students, guidance/transfer counselors and agents

Objectives Create a modular printed recruitment piece for NYIT undergraduate programs to be mailed to rising high school seniors in the United States. - Tell NYIT’s story in visually engaging ways with minimal text - Drive readers to the web for more info and to apply - Suite should be usable for at least two years - Shell/container: should have content that is “evergreen” (accurate for several years). - Inserts: one or more of the inserts may be designed to be updated more frequently - As one of our first recruitment touch points, messaging must be consistent with the rest of recruitment materials in the cycle.

Messages Copy should be compelling, concise, and integrate seamlessly with the visuals.

As Creative Director and lead (project manager), the team consisted of several key players and included new initatives such as a behind the scene video during the photoshoot session to capture the students, in theor own words as to why they chose to attend NYIT.

To live the experience please visit NYIT FIND OUT "behind the sence video"
The entire modular piece can be viewed here

Team Included: Video: Joel Chavez, Designer: Diego Rios, Paula Giraldo, Ann Antoshak, Paul Carroll, Oliver Dettler, Photography: Alex Berg, Editorial: Lindy Regan.

This has won Mercury Awards (February 2017) - Silver
Collegiate Advertising Awards (January 2017) - Bronze
Award of Distinction for The Communicator Awards (May 2017)

Collaborative & Creative

Collaborating on global initiatives with a driven, storytelling approach.

Strategic Solutions

Trained in LEAN Six Sigma processes with an efficient and collaborative mindset.

Critical Thinking

Implementing the latest marketing trends
with a strategic and measured approach.

Who Am I?

I love to learn new tools, approaches, and use the latest technologies.

Angela Ambrosini

Senior Creative Director

Hands-on strategic, creative and innovative leader, utilizing the newest technologies in Design, User Experience and Data Driven, Integrated Marketing.



Creating and implementing global strategies utilizing metrics and analytics to inform decisions.


HTML5 and CSS3

Collaborating across teams to produce engaging web and mobile experiences.


Integratged Marketing

Using a variety of metrics such as Google Analytics measure sucessful outcomes.


User Experience

Utilizing Design Thinking and methodologies to ensure successful outcomes.

What References say about me?

Patrick Duggan

Angela is a pro who brings a great design eye and expertise to web, mobile, or print. Angela is hard working, unflappable under pressure.

Chris Tropeano
Time Inc.

I worked with Angela on multiple interactive initiatives at Time Inc. She has an acute attention to detail, vast experience and abundant talent for design.

Stephanie Szitanyi, Phd
New York University

Angela is dedicating to cultivating and developing the teams she leads, and her management style fosters collaboration among individuals.

Frannie Rutherford
McGraw-Hills Companies

Angela is a reliable, creative and always delightful to work with -- I am impressed with the diversity and innovation of her ideas.

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